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Instruction Methods

Classroom - In-person guided education, facilitated by Hyland Software expert instructors. View Courses

Online - Live, Instructor-led sessions that drive active participation and collaboration. View Courses

Self-Paced - Learn at your own pace with video guidance and exercise activities that re-enforce concepts and approaches. View Courses

Private - Private training provides a focused, tailored, and direct hands-on experience with a hosted lab environment. Learn More

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Instructor-led Courses

Knowledgeable instructors will engage throughout the course while ensuring that you understand not only how to accomplish your goals, but why and when each approach should be considered. Take advantage of the course design to focus on your current real challenges and collaborate with Hyland and others in the course to get the answers you need to be successful. Each course includes access to online resources and guides to furthering your learning beyond the classroom.

Most courses are offered in the classroom as well as in the online classroom. Several of our courses are also featured in a Self-Paced format with corresponding lab materials or a lab environment.


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