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System Administrator

28 Courses | 11 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes

Effective system administration is a critical factor for successful OnBase solutions. The System Administrator will both maintain the organization’s existing OnBase solutions and continually refine the ability to recognize when and how an organization’s solutions should evolve to meet the needs of the growing or changing business.

New to OnBase? Consider taking an End User Training course specific to your solution before starting this path.

  • Certifications for a System Administrator:
  • Responsibilities of a System Administrator:
    • Discovering and documenting business requirements
    • Validating technical specifications and infrastructure requirements with the solution implementation team
    • Supporting installation of the solution
    • Assisting end user training
    • Responding to questions concerning product capabilities
    • Maintaining and operating the solution
    • Planning future growth of the system
    • Participating in the OnBase Community of Professionals

Courses in this Path


Beginner | 1 hours | eLearning

The Pre-Installation course will introduce you to the basics of ECM in general and OnBase in particular. It will demonstrate an essential process in an organization and how that process can be mapped to an OnBase solution. You'll also learn the fundamental OnBase concepts and how they are used to create a solution. This course is a prerequisite for our OnBase classroom courses such as Introduction to Installation and System Administration.

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Intermediate | 1 hours 5 minutes | Premium

This course discusses a new Client offering that leverages Microsoft’s latest WPF technology. This new Client is application server-based, providing many benefits, including increased performance over a WAN and deployment benefits utilizing Microsoft’s ClickOnce technologies. The deployment benefits also allow for a rich end-user experience in a hosted application. The new Client introduces a number of productivity features that make OnBase easier to use. The new Client also has personalization at its heart, allowing administrators or integrators to create task-centric screens for end users by leveraging a reusable gallery of components, thereby greatly increasing the user’s productivity and lowering training costs.

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Beginner | 5 days | Instructor-led

The System Administration course is designed to introduce new and existing OnBase System Administrators to the use, maintenance and administration of OnBase. The class provides in-depth, hands-on experience that directly maps to the day-to-day activities of an OnBase System Administrator. The class also investigates effective maintenance strategies and resources available to OnBase System Administrators.

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Intermediate | 26 minutes | eLearning

Discover what every System Administrator should know about their OnBase Solution. This multi-part course will demystify the most common functions of an OnBase system, how often the tasks should be performed, and a how to properly support an OnBase solution.

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Beginner | 1 hours 16 minutes | eLearning

Quick Look: Workflow and OnBase Studio is an eleven-part, web-based training series which will walk you through, step by step, the process of building your first Workflow life cycle using OnBase Studio. By the end of this Quick Looks series, not only will you be comfortable using terms like queue, life cycle, notification, rule, and action, you’ll also be able to navigate through OnBase Studio with ease.

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Intermediate | 33 minutes | eLearning

Quick Look: Improving User Experience is an eleven-part web-based training series highlighting some common OnBase functionality that may not be so common to the typical end user - functionality that exists within every OnBase solution! The mini-courses in this series provide information we believe will make an immediate impact on your OnBase experience.

OnBase users are busy people. We've all been trained to be effective in our specific roles within OnBase. But over time, with constant evolution and upgrades to the products contained in our solutions, it's easy to miss the enhancements that have been added to make our lives easier. Every course in this series will give you that little extra advantage, save you a little more time and make your OnBase world just that much brighter!

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Beginner | 1 hours 9 minutes | Premium

Custom Queries are another form of retrieval in OnBase offering users a simplified interface for obtaining documents using pre-defined searches.

Join Training.OnBase.com’s Wayne Wernick as he discusses the basics of configuring and using the various types of Custom Queries in OnBase.

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Intermediate | 42 minutes | Premium

This course provides an overview of the importance of accurate Keyword data and demonstrates how AutoFill Keyword Sets enhance accuracy and efficiency in the indexing process.

Join Joe and Justin as they walk you through the creation and configuration of AutoFill Keyword Sets and discuss some of the advanced nuances of this standard OnBase feature, such as Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set Lookup and using an AFKS in conjunction with a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group.

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Intermediate | 15 minutes | Premium

Keyword Data Sets are an effective way for OnBase System Administrators to limit text entry of keywords on both indexing and retrieval tasks. Limiting manual text entry helps to reduce indexing errors, and to limit the use of wildcards during retrieval – which ultimately impacts system performance. This course provides guidance around purpose, configuration, and execution of three types of Data Sets: Internal, External, and Cascading Data Sets.

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Intermediate | 1 hours 6 minutes | Premium

Notes and Envelopes are two powerful – and free – OnBase features that can help save users time by allowing them to connect otherwise unrelated documents.

Join OnBase Training’s Bob Andress as he discusses both the basic and advanced concepts of Notes and Envelopes – including how envelopes can be used to easily retrieve, share and print groups of documents and how Notes can be a valuable & secure collaboration tool.

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Beginner | 52 minutes | Premium

A fundamental benefit of OnBase is knowing that your documents & data are secure. OnBase’s native security ensures that only those users that have been granted access to documents can view them.

Join Training.OnBase.com’s Wayne Wernick as he discusses the basics of creating and configuring OnBase User Groups, including how to create a basic User Group for your day-to-day users as well as a manager User Group with additional privileges and administrative responsibilities.

Note: This course covers only standard OnBase Security. For information on Network Security, such as Active Directory or LDAP, see the Security: Integrated Authentication course.

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Beginner | 40 minutes | Premium

Join Training.OnBase.com’s Wayne Wernick as he continues to explore the basics of configuring OnBase User Groups. This session focuses on the granting of additional administrative responsibilities to a business process owner in OnBase.

Note: This course covers only standard OnBase Security. For information on Network Security, such as Active Directory or LDAP, see the Security: Integrated Authentication course.

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Intermediate | 39 minutes | Premium

This course will walk you through, step by step, the process of enabling OnBase, the database and all of your clients, to use your organization’s already existing network security scheme to protect your system.

Join Melissa Warren of Education Services as she shows you how to simplify administration, improve security, and simplify logins for your users without buying another license by using the Active Directory Network Security Integration.

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Beginner | 13 minutes | Premium

This course provides an overview of the functionality and features of Document Import Processor (DIP). With DIP, you can automatically import, classify and index high volumes of documents,regardless of electronic file type. DIP is typically used to process output from external scanning services, legacy applications and third party capture systems into OnBase. Powerful configuration and flexible scheduling options allow DIP to import from any text formatted index file and perform unattended processing

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Intermediate | 1 hours 21 minutes | Premium

Document Import Processor, or DIP, enables your organization to import multiple electronic file types into OnBase, along with their associated keyword values, which are provided in an Index file. This course provides valuable information around DIP basic functionality along with step-by-step instruction for configuring and running various DIP processes. You'll learn about Tagged and Ordered Index files, how to configure and schedule a DIP process, and learn some troubleshooting tips.

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Intermediate | 1 hours 45 minutes | Premium

This course focuses on some basic to intermediate applications for COLD/ERM. OnBase COLD/ERM (12) takes data from business applications and turns that data into fully indexed and widely accessible reports and documents—viewable in an instant by any authorized user or multiple users at the same time. With COLD/ERM, analysts no longer have to wait for IT to deliver reports run from multiple legacy systems—reports simply run overnight, are available to users at the start of the day and can even trigger process workflows. This extends the value of existing legacy systems.

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Intermediate | 2 hours 16 minutes | Premium

This extended training course focuses on how to implement Folders as part of an OnBase deployment. It is critical that OnBase System Administrators and business understand the essential elements of an OnBase Foldering solution. This course is designed to take attendees through the transition of identifying the need for OnBase Folders to conceptualizing the design considerations based on business requirements and end users' needs.

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Beginner | 30 minutes | Premium

Document Knowledge Transfer (DKT) with Compliance Testing provides a simple interface for managing the distribution, readership, and tracking of required documents, while improving consistency, reducing costs, and establishing compliance. New to DKT in OnBase 13, a testing component ensures employee comprehension of critical information by administering a short quiz as part of document acknowledgement—test certificates can even be automatically generated and filed for each employee! As OnBase customers, you already have many of the pieces in place to deploy a Policy and Procedure Administration solution! Even if OnBase is currently only deployed in a single department, DKT with Tests can be quickly and easily be extended to every employee across your organization.

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Intermediate | 35 minutes | Premium

Our Integration for Microsoft Outlook has been called the “Fourth Client” since it can provide access to nearly all OnBase functionality and content, without ever having to leave the familiar Outlook interface. This unique product spans all product categories – Capture, Process, Manage, Integrate, Measure, and Store. This integration effectively turns Microsoft Outlook into a functional OnBase Client complete with the ability to scan/import/upload documents, view documents through folders/custom queries, perform Workflow tasks, apply signatures to documents, and more.

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Beginner | 34 minutes | Premium

This course is designed for those administrators who do not have any experience with Unity Forms or administrators who have not yet seen all of the new features available for Unity Forms in OnBase 12.

Join Melissa Warren as she discusses placing Keywords and other controls on a form, form security, test driving, publishing and visibility, placing logos and other images on a form, and custom themes.

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Beginner | 1 day | Instructor-led

The OnBase Forms Course introduces OnBase professionals to the various types of forms that can be utilized and created within an OnBase solution. We will look at how to use and configure E-Forms, Virtual Forms, and User Forms, as well as how to create and implement Unity Forms. The course introduces the students to advanced topics such as using document properties, system properties, and custom actions to build powerful business forms that are rapidly deployable internally or externally.

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Intermediate | 1 hours | Premium

This course is designed for OnBase administrators who have mastered basics of Unity Forms and are ready to take their form designing skills to the next level.

Join Melissa Warren as she explores the more advanced features of Unity Forms. Calculations, custom actions, signatures, and publishing the form on an external web site are a few of the topics discussed in this course.

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Intermediate | 42 minutes | Premium

This course explores OnBase Document Retention, a module “that manages the retention and disposition of stored documents according to predefined business rules per class of document. See the difference between static configuration and dynamic configuration while learning best practices and tips for your own document retention solution.

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Intermediate | 23 minutes | Premium

The Virtual Print Driver is an OnBase solution that every organization can benefit from because every organization has users that generate documents – documents that need to be stored in OnBase – from third-party applications.

Join Josh and Jeremy as they discuss the benefits of the Virtual Print Driver, demonstrate how to configure and install it, and discuss many of the recent enhancements to this simple, yet powerful, tool.

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Intermediate | 1 hours 35 minutes | Premium

Reporting Dashboards is a powerful business analytics tool that displays information stored in OnBase in a visual, interactive way.

In this course, learn how to create highly customizable, complex Reporting Dashboards using our intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

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Intermediate | 41 minutes | Premium

Whether you use an iPad, an iPhone, an Android Phone, a Blackberry®, or a Windows Phone, when you download the OnBase mobile application, you’ll have the power of OnBase at your fingertips and ability to make well-informed decisions faster than ever before.

This course explores the installation and configuration of OnBase mobile applications on supported devices, including platform-specific demonstrations for each device.

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Expert | 5 days | Instructor-led

This course provides students with a detailed understanding of the system structure as well as effective administrative functions. Special emphasis is placed on identifying problematic components of a system, best practices and detailing a strategy for modifying, expanding and upgrading OnBase. Troubleshooting tools such as diagnostic console and verbose will be covered, as well as, additional modules and how they can be leveraged in an existing system.

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Intermediate | 22 minutes | Premium

This course provides guidance and technical instruction for OnBase System Administrators to use Configuration Migration to save time creating a non-production system. You will see step-by-step how to create a test system using Configuration Migration, as well as how to migrate changes back to Production using a linked system.

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